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For its 2015 campaign, Sole DXB has collaborated with internationally acclaimed artist Hassan Hajjaj to embody the ethos of art, music, fashion and urban culture. Produced by Hassan Hajjaj at his London studio, with Amine Bendriouich the Casanlanca-Berlin based designer, as campaign face, the film offers a window into the shooting process – the community undertaking, the energy and character of those involved, and the all-encompassing lifestyle that Sole DXB represents. More than a sneaker platform, Sole DXB promotes creative culture and community.

Amine Bendriouich was selected as the face of the 2015 campaign as a celebrated young designer, based between Casablanca and Berlin, who has come to be associated with the aesthetics of street style, androgyny and experimental urban culture; one which doesn’t align itself to any definition and mainstream trend. Earlier this summer Sole DXB took to London and worked with Hassan on a shoot that brought together the spirit of music, fashion and the visual arts.

Sole DXB, the celebrated Dubai-based street culture festival, presents its ‘making of’ 2015 campaign – offering a refreshing perspective on street style and Middle Eastern flair. With details surrounding the festival yet to be announced, Sole DXB collaborates with internationally acclaimed artist Hassan Hajjaj to create a series of vibrant images that embody their shared ethos around art, music, fashion and urban culture – and offer a window into Dubai’s cultural melting pot city.

‘Mr Amine Bendriouich’, presented by Hajjaj, offers a refreshing take on Dubai and wider Middle East. As those who have visited will testify, much exists outside of the region’s preconceived gold and glitz. The ‘making of’ film, a teaser into the forthcoming 2015 campaign, goes some way to shedding light on the Middle East’s burgeoning creative class, and positions its depth of talent alongside the world’s cultural capitals.

With the campaign and event still to come, it’s an exciting time for all things Sole DXB. Details to follow later this year, while talking to the founders of Sole one thing was evident, The Making of ‘Mr Amine Bendriouch’ is just the beginning.

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